Quantum Computing: Is this for real? 

16 May, 2023 Futuristic Technology
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The pace of the race to build a quantum computer is highest than ever. Companies like Google, Microsoft, and IBM are sliding slyly to build a commercially viable quantum computer. It is sought to solve various big-picture issues like climate change, drugs, and the world economy.  

But But But The path to building a quantum computer is not easy. It is the real aag ka dariya hai  

The hype is real around quantum computers, but some people are not ready to buy it. Contrary to its huge size the trust and belief that such computers can exist. Google has 20 of these computers that appear like a magical chandelier with a chip at its bottom where the real powers are stored. These metal cylinders are prototyped to change the world.  

There is no question that quantum computers will go live or not, but the question lies of WHEN?   

The catastrophic computers that are expected to revolutionize data security, don’t exist. But people who are building it are confident about their plan. In the US, it’s big tech companies like Google and IBM, and even Amazon, that are doing it. Everyone is so interested in building one because computers can solve the world’s biggest problems. When solving issues of sustainable living, a certain level of precision is required which is surely expected from our north star the quantum computers.  

Source: scottaaronson.blog

What’s behind food production? Fertiliser production. What’s behind fertilizer production? Nitrogen fixation. Nitrogen fixation produces ammonia. Quantum computing can help here because it enables us to understand these catalytic reactions that would otherwise take a century.  

Qubits are the building blocks of quantum computers. Classical computers encode information in bits, strings of ones, and zeros. A quantum computer has qubits and bits in a quantum state. To tackle the big computational problems, they’re supposed to solve, researchers estimate that these computers will probably need at least a million qubits. 

As a business process analyst, I believe the problem is people are so excited about the possibility of a quantum, they seem to be blurring the timeline of its existence.  

But The problem is that qubits are sensitive to all kinds of noise from the environment. Even a tiny amount of heat can disrupt them, causing errors in their calculations. Electrical signals, magnetic fields, and even cosmic rays. Anything can affect the stability of the qubits’ quantum state and stop the computer from working properly. Microsoft is developing a special type of qubit that is supposed to be more resistant to this environmental noise. 

It all started in 2019 when Google tried to attain quantum supremacy heading to the future where every tech company will have a quantum computer.  

So, to actually answer the question that when will a quantum computer go live; Maybe 100 years? Maybe 50 Years? Or Maybe just 10 years? We all will be waiting!  

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