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22 May, 2023 Featured
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Motivational Speaker giving speech

Recently, I visited ITS Greater Noida for my speech on “Unlocking the true potential of technology” on the occasion of National Technology Day. Whenever I visit colleges for speeches and seminars, nostalgia hits me hard. It is because not a long time ago, I was there and felt that. Every one of us has hesitated to attend college seminars by any motivational speaker because, let’s admit it, they are boring.

You can rather sit in the cafeteria or absolutely do anything except attend the same. But time has taught me that conversations like these differentiate winners from losers. Woody Allen once said 80% of the success is showing up and I completely concur with this statement.  

Tech enterprenuer Arun getting honored

In an attempt to motivate young engineers, I told them about the story of how I was born and raised in Darbhanga, Bihar, and later decided to pursue my higher education in Delhi. People used to mock and bully me because of my inability to speak English.  You have all those anti-ragging cells now but earlier the situation around ragging was a little worse. After all, I carried the most glorified tag of a ‘Bihari’. But then what stayed, and mattered was that I was the first person to get placed in my batch. What mattered was I visited the US just 8 months after being hired as an intern.

I worked with Toshiba and built one of their most commonly used CRM systems, which I can boast to date. You know everyone is proud of that one achievement, which they can show off for the rest of their life in front of their family and friends, you gotta work for that achievement, guys. You are more than your thoughts. There is a tendency for people to let their past thoughts define them when they should refine them.  

Is it the right time to ace the game?

I strongly believe that this is the most promising time to be in technology. People have achieved wonders by solving minute issues or bridging gaps and earning millions through their ideas.  

Do you know there is a website called “Join My Wedding” where you can list your wedding and get paid by international guests? Amazing right? Now think about why this idea did not strike you.  

Always remember that technology never disappoints you, even if you disappoint it.  

Technologies like hyperloop, nanotechnology, intelligent prosthetics, quantum computers, edge computing, connected homes, emotion-spotting algorithms, space tourism, and NFTs, drive our future. Harnessing these technologies can shape our future.  

We always ask this question, “What can technology do?” forgetting about what technology should do!  

The event ended with certain questions and answers from the attendees and a brief tour of the college. labs.

Don’t stop watering your knowledge- It’s Chinese Bamboo 

Arun Mishra

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