Learn ChatGPT is a scam as of now 

16 May, 2023 AI: Legit or Hoax?
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If the evolution of AI is compared to the Instagram app, then ChatGPT will surely be the reels section.  

 Facts First: 

  1. 100 Millon people use ChatGPT  
  1. 25 Millon people use ChatGPT everyday  
  1. $200 million is the expected revenue of OpenAI in 2023.  

It is obvious that ChatGPT is a breeding ground for a lot of consumers and going by the first rule of business of setting your shop where your customers are, this system is beneficial for a lot of businesses.  

Apart from making reels about it, people have started courses that entail the whats and hows of using ChatGPT.  

Apart from applauding the innovation you will be shocked to know that all of this is scam!   


ChatGPT is a very powerful tool, and it will answer you for anything under the sun. But the relevance of that answer is not guaranteed 😉 So now All these so-called learning courses help you to get the relevant answers to your questions.  

Source: marketoonist

But if ChatGPT is in the developing stage how can someone tutor about its functionality?  

You don’t need a course to learn something because the best way to learn something is to need that something. Curiosity will get you around the best tricks around. You don’t need to master every trend going around in the market until and unless it hampers your growth.  

Chat GPT is good for writing content, blogs, and articles but all those shenanigans are incomparable to what a professional content writer can write. Using ChatGPT for research and to collate information is the biggest boon.  

ChatGPT and AI can work only if client know what he wants exactly. We are safe till then 

Arun Mishra

Also, when you realize that Generative AI gives similar answers to the same genre of queries, you should avoid taking suggestions from the same. You cannot risk a very important business decision based on a suggestion given by an AI. What you need is a tech consultant who has experience in the same arena.  

Then what should you do with ChatGPT?  

Maybe Get the caption for your next Instagram reel  

The basic thing is humans crave emotions. You give them an emotional AI and it becomes La-La land for them. They want to know more and learn about it. But whirling in the tornado is not right. Let the market of AI get stable and then start to learn about it.  

Until then, stay Curious.  

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