Entrepreneurship: The Untold story 

16 May, 2023 Seminars and Speeches
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When an entrepreneur sneezes, the whole organization catches a cold. Entrepreneurship seems a page 3 job. On the surface, everything appears glamorous but no one knows what happens at the core. There are a lot of untold tales of frowns, failure, and frustration. The whims of an entrepreneur might be over-discussed but they are true for sure. Don’t believe me?  

Solve me this, Are you comfortable with public failure?  

We are all covering our failures in front of ourselves and others. This way we stay motivated and happy. But as an entrepreneur, you don’t have this leverage. An entrepreneur doesn’t fail alone, you fail an organization, full of employees who believe in you. And then you cannot even stay sad or depressed. You must get up the next day with the same enthusiasm to start afresh.  

Solve me this as well, are you ready to give up everything you have for that one dream?  

Entrepreneurship is a commitment of not only money but also time, effort, emotions, and everything you have. You don’t stop thinking about how to scale up and eventually not get paid.  

It is the same as the iceberg illusion. What people see is the tip of the iceberg, which is the success of an entrepreneur. What people don’t see is hard work, confusion, self-doubt, frustration, disappointment, loneliness, and other cruel emotions.  

You know there will be times when you will have no work, no money even to pay your employees! What would you do in this situation? GET UP THE NEXT MORNING BECAUSE YOU KNOW, IT WILL BE WORTH IT! Uncertainty is part of the game, but success is moving forward even though you don’t know what is forward.  

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